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Dermatology Hawke's Bay

Bringing the ‘gold standard’ of skin treatment to Hawke’s Bay

Deliverables: Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Content Creation, Analytics


With 20 years’ extensive international training and experience, Dr Juber Hafiji, with his team, is committed to providing Hawke’s Bay with world-leading dermatological services. Juber approached Click Digital at the inception of his clinic looking for a partner to head up the digital marketing side of Dermatology Hawke’s Bay.

our Game Plan

We developed a multi-channel plan that initially focused on brand awareness for Dermatology Hawke’s Bay in the region. Dermatology Hawke's Bay received very high engagement rates on it's content and ads, well above industry standards. Once the brand had recognition in the market we then implemented tactics that looked at increasing his client base of people looking for specialist dermatology care.


Over a six month period (1st February - 31st July 2021)

-       Over 100k ad impressions

-       Over 6k clicks

-       $30 average cost per consultation

-       12 x Return on Ad Spend

“Being a relatively new entrant to New Zealand, I am delighted to have partnered with Click Digital to help launch our new Dermatology service in Hawke’s Bay.  Bayden provides an excellent, professional service with pragmatic, sound advice which is on point.  Dermatology Hawke’s Bay has become visible to the population of Hawke’s Bay and beyond resulting in an exponential rise in our referrals - Bayden has been instrumental in helping my team and I achieve this.  Thank you Bayden for all that you have done and continue to do.  We could not have done it without you.”

Dr Juber Hafiji

Specialist Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon


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