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Gourmet Direct

Specialty Butcher – E-commerce & brick and mortar

Digital Strategy, Content Creation, Social Media + Ad Optimisation, Google Ads, Analytics


Gourmet Direct is a butchery based in Hawke’s Bay offering high end meat products online and through its brick and mortar shop in Ahuriri Napier. Their product offering is impressive featuring high end cuts of beef including Wagyu and exclusive Rose Veal, top quality lamb, free range pork and chicken, and a selection of game including rabbit, quail, pheasant and duck.

our Game Plan

Our strategy involved looking at Gourmet Direct’s customers and creating a persona of who are they, what they do and where they are. We then created video/imagery in line with the three pillars of the Gourmet Direct brand. These consist of: Meat Authority – Gourmet Direct know great meat, how to find it, how to cut it, how to cook it, why it is what it is and what it can be. Modern Butchery - it’s a classic blend of the old fashioned, natural methods and a new, cutting edge approach to meat trends and modern cuisine


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