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M2 Overland

Brand Inception to Market Leader

High Level Strategy, Content Creation, Google Ads Strategy, Social Media Advertising


We have been involved with M2 Overland since the inception of the brand in late 2019 and have seen rapid growth over this time. The brief was to develop a digital strategy which increased awareness of the brand, enquiry of its products and sales of their modular ute decks.

our Game Plan

Our strategy involved leveraging Social Media and Google based channels with targeted messaging to two specific audiences - life-stylers/adventurers and tradies. Our content strategy was heavy with video and high resolution images with the aim of sparking up interest and pushing people to the Ute Deck builder on the website. The ute deck builder allowed people to create their dream ute deck tailored to suit their individual needs.


Grew Instagram following to 650

Grew Facebook following – 1450

20% Increase in inquiry conversions

"Bayden & Click Digital Marketing have played the leading role for us here at M2 Overland in growing our brand from non-existent to market leader in 12 months. Bayden has a flexible approach, always goes above and beyond the expectation and provides top quality content. Bayden’s videography skills as well as his knowledge and understanding of online advertising are what grew our brand so quickly. We will continue to use Bayden and we don’t hesitate to recommend him to anybody wishing to grow their brand presence and business". Brandon Duncan, Managing Director, M2 Overland

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