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NZ’s Natural Yarn Store – E-commerce & brick and mortar

Deliverables: Digital Strategy, Content Creation, Social Media + Ad Optimisation, Google Ads, Analytics


Skeinz is the retail face of Design Spun Ltd – one of two yarn manufacturing mills in New Zealand making top quality hand knitting, weaving and textile yarns. I have been involved with Skeinz in some way, shape or form since the start of its digital marketing journey back in 2015 and we have seen some impressive results over this time.

our Game Plan

Our strategy involves targeting our ideal customer avatar at various stages of their decision making journey. Our strategy involves targeting customers with different messaging based on how familiar they are to our brand. We utilise channels including Google Ads, Social Media - Facebook/Instagram, our Youtube channel, our Facebook Group – Skeinz Speak Easy and regular Email mail outs. We also have an over aching content distribution strategy that runs over the top of these channels.


Since 2015 - Now (Dec 2020):

Increased Facebook Page to 9000+ followers

Increased Skeinz Facebook group (Speak Easy) to 3000+ members

Increased Website visits 20% year on year

Maintained Ecommerce conversion rate 10%

Increase in sales year on year 20%

"Bayden at Click Digital has been crucial in helping us see the wood from the digital trees. Formulating a plan to make sure our digital marketing had impact, was measurable and effective to the bottom line. He made it easy to understand each step and provided real tangible value to our business. Absolutely no issues with recommending him to work with you towards your marketing goals". Maree Buscke, Manager, Skeinz.

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